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Jan 10 - mkamplain
Our County
D. Gary Davis
County Mayor

We are now 10 days into the New Year. I hope that this year so far, has proven to be a year filled with promise, hope and opportunity. I have been visiting local Civic Clubs, speaking about the "State of the County” here in Bradley County. This time of great fellowship is one that I look forward to each year, and this year has proven to be no different. I truly enjoy my time spent with local businessmen and businesswomen who are doing their part to contribute to our local economy. Many of the crowds also have a few men and women who have "retired” from active employment, but who still contribute greatly to make our community the special place that it is known to be to each of our citizens.

This past week was a little different, in a new way. I arrived at the Cleveland Kiwanis Club, that I have been a member of for 30 years, after having attended a funeral for a local businessman, former Bradley County Commissioner, community volunteer and family man extraordinaire, Mr. Bill Creech. I have spoken many times about the blessings that we ALL enjoy today, were worked for, and fought for, by many who have gone before us. This thought process is not just mere words, but truth that I have personally witnessed just in my lifetime.

Bill Creech was not only a man of integrity, but he was a man who lived his life in such a way as to display his faith in God above. By daily treating his family, friends, and community with respect, honor and dignity he was able to preach a wonderful "sermon” without having to say a single word. May we all strive to do likewise and in doing so, may we experience the results of this type of servant leadership that is missing in many places on this earth.

My assistant, Lindsay, and I were discussing the number of those "who have now gone before us”, the list is growing. Commissioners like Roy Ragsdale. Jack Kirkpatrick, Roy Smith, and longtime commissioner Bill Ledford. Each person had different personalities, gifts and abilities, but they each had one thing in common and that was their love for their family and this community. May we all continue their legacy by remembering them, their many contributions and by also doing our best to not only maintain their gift of our home, but by also striving to continually improve community, for others yet to come.

We have all probably fallen short in keeping at least one of our goals for this New Year’s resolutions by now. But if we remember that each and every New Day is another gift, we may soon learn that any goal is achievable and any work toward self-improvement, education, and career opportunities not only helps us individually, but also makes our community stronger! Thank you Mr. Bill Creech, and ALL who have, in the past and presently, give of their time, talents and their selves to improve each and every one of us. This type of dedication replicated many times over is what continues to help make Bradley County, Tennessee at its best!

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