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Jan 24 - mkamplain
We are fast approaching the end of this first month of 2017. Many of us may have tried, once again, to become more organized and to keep better records, better lists of needed items to complete and even better regularity of our exercise rou-tines. If you have continued these from the beginning of the year you are well on your way of making this not only a "part of your life”, but after more than 21 day’s it is becoming a habit, as well. Three weeks, 21 short days of a consistent behavior has hopefully helped in making changes that will positively influence your life for the better.

I have often been reminded that the problem that many of us face in making changes in our lives, is that life is so "daily”. The minutes, hours and even the days, have a way of passing us by without us noticing that we have forgotten to include our new ideas, exercises, routines and even studies into a part of each new day. Many people have developed wonderful plans and ideas over the years to help in making incremental changes in ones life that help to bring about positive chang-es and results. Today I would like to discuss three that have helped me over the years.

Start small. Any change that is too drastic, or too lofty, usually becomes a discard-ed memory rather quickly. If you can be consistent with a small change to your daily routine, this helps to inspire a person to continue in a desired change of their daily routine. This is proof positive that success does indeed help to instill the will to continue to achieve even more success.

Stay focused. A map does not help anyone if there is not a desired destination that one wants to travel towards. And it is also true that to arrive to a new location that may be found on a map, you also have to know of your present location, or situa-tion, as well. Once the true identity of a person’s current situation is known there can be changes made that will help to not only motivate towards a goal, but to also make incremental changes that will help lead to the desired location, or changes.

Stop negativity. The human mind is a complex organism that has amazing capacity to retain information for use later. It does not filter if the information is good, or bad, but equally files information away for use later. I have always found it interesting that the average bumblebee has scientifically been proven to have wings that are entirely too small to provide the lift necessary to give it the gift of flight. It is a very good idea that the average bumblebee has never been told of this fact, or if it did hear this "factual” information, that it never allowed this fact to stop it from flying.

Thank you to ALL who have chosen a path of improvement for this New Year. I hope that you are successful now, and in the days, weeks, months and years ahead. This ability not only helps individuals, but it also has an added benefit in helping and strengthening our community as well. This new year has wonderful po-tential and I hope that many use the gift of each day to not only help themselves, but to also help others in their community as well. In doing so, each and every day, we continue to help keep Bradley County, Tennessee at its best!

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