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Oct 13 - mkamplain
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D. Gary Davis
County Mayor

For Tuesday 10/13/2015

It is often said that "talk is cheap, and it is actually harder to do something about a situation”.  People often find themselves in a place where it is very easy to speak, talk, criticize, condemn and even use many more words to describe what they should, could or would do in a situation. It is indeed refreshing to find those who rely on actions to speak their words for them.

This past month you may have noticed the United States Flag was lowered to half-staff in honor and memory of 1st Lieutenant Alexander Bonnyman of Knoxville.  Lt. Bonnyman paid the ultimate sacrifice while serving the United States on November 22, 1943 in the battle of Tarawa.  After nearly 72 YEARS, Lt. Bonnyman was returned home.

This amazing tribute to a very deserving young man at the time of his death revealed to me the honor, dedication and will of the American Military Forces that will stop at nothing to find, retrieve and honor those who many may have forgotten. For almost 72 years there have been, are and forever will be those who not only understand the words dedication, devotion, honor and respect but actually exude the very essence of these words by their actions alone.

There were many times when they could have stopped the search and just said this is futile or what does it matter anyway, but they were given a task and expected to produce results. They took this seriously and they indeed delivered. For all of those who worked to make this day a possibility, thank you for your efforts and we ALL congratulate you on this success.

On the 3rd Friday in September, each year we meet at the VFW for a POW/MIA Remembrance Service.  This very somber event is usually attended by only a few people.  However, I applaud those who continue this tradition.  "We will not forget until each POW and MIA is accounted for.”

This also reminded me of many throughout Bradley County who work each day to complete their daily activities, some with little to no "fanfare” for a job well done, but they do it anyway! To each of you with this mindset of service to others before self, whether you are an employee of Bradley County, private industry, emergency services, law enforcement, fire, rescue, education, small businesses, the self-employed and all others please accept my thanks for a job well done. 

This tenacity of action, attention to detail and "never give up” attitude has many places to call home throughout our County. It is yet one more reason that Bradley County is, and continues to be, Tennessee at its best.

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