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Oct 14 - mkamplain
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D. Gary Davis
County Mayor

The change to cooler weather recently has been fantastic. The ability to go on walks outside, or even drive to destinations with the windows down has proven to be such a blessing. It seems that the weather, among a lot of other subjects, tend to like stability more than wild fluctuations. This truth is a fact if you are having a conversation concerning the weather or other subjects such as health or even finances.

Earlier this month yet another entity have taken notice of the stability of Bradley County’s financial path and have sent us wonderful news from Dallas, TX. Standard and Poor’s rating services has raised its long-term rating on Bradley County, Tennessee general obligation debt outstanding to "AA” from "AA-". They went further in stating, "The outlook is stable”.

Further descriptions include "Bradley County’s very strong budgetary flexibility, strong budgetary performance, very strong liquidity, strong management conditions and a strong debt and contingent liabilities profile” help to describe the result of allowing multiple talented professionals to work together to achieve amazing results. The possibility of continued uncertainty at the federal level helps to emphasis the need and the demand for excellent local funds control and performance. 

This strong framework has been proven and now we have been rewarded from yet another "outside source” of the results that have and can be achieved when people work together for the common good of a community and beyond. Lynn Burns, our former finance director, Rena Samples, our current finance director, the finance committee (former and present) and the full Bradley County Commission (former and present) have worked with all departments and elected officials to develop this winning strategy that have produced excellent results. 

I have noticed that people who may not even know each other may start conversations about the weather, but you needed to know someone very well before the conversation may turn to money. And then the ability to discuss investments and the care of "other people’s money” requires trust and the pledge of upmost care. As your Bradley County Mayor one of my State defined constitutional duties is that of being Bradley County’s chief financial officer. This responsibility is one that I take very seriously, and with the help of other professionals will continue to work towards even more stability and security for every amount of funds entrusted to the care and use of Bradley County, Tennessee. 

The best of this season’s weather at our location in Tennessee and this continuation of our financially stable path will hopefully lead to even more acknowledgement from weather forecasters, financial reviewers and auditing agencies that will confirm yet again that in multiple categories Bradley County continues to be Tennessee at its best.  

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