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Oct 18 - mkamplain
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D. Gary Davis
County Mayor

Autumn. The time of year that is best described as wonderful. The air has a crispness quality and the oppressive heat of the summer gives way to the cooler mornings and the afternoons that have become absolutely the best time of the day to get outside and enjoy our amazing community. This time of year is also known for another word, and that would be harvest. 

Merriam Webster defines Harvest as "the season for gathering in agricultural crops” or "the act or process of gathering in a crop”. Both of these definitions, whether it be for the noun or the verb, require a previous activity, planting. There are numerous people who now only exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide that believe that there will always be a harvest. They do not even stop, much less care, to check on the process of planting that is still required in order to receive, or participate in the harvest.

I am so thankful that the vast majority of the population of Bradley County understands that you cannot receive without first giving! The ability for us now to be able to enjoy the benefits of living in Bradley County, required the determination, foresight and hard work of previous generations that, quite literally, did without so we may be the recipients of their life’s work. This attribute, while not as prevalent as in the past, still enjoys a vibrant place in our lives in Charleston, Cleveland and all across Bradley County.

Bradley County has both Agriculture and also Industry as symbols and prominent placement on our original County Seal. The idea that cycles of planting, growth, harvest and replanting are not only important to one, but to both, of these ideas seem lost by some in today’s world but our founding fathers (and mothers) understood the importance of each and all seasons.

A diversification of industry, amazing climate, bountiful natural resources and an imaginative and creative workforce have combined to not only compete on the world stage, but to also win and to do so consistently. When we are enjoying the amazing beauty that is part of our little "corner of the world” may we all stop to say Thank You for the ability and opportunity to be a part of the community of Bradley County. And with the next breath may we make plans to help position those who will come after us with both the ability and the opportunity to enjoy an even larger and more profound blessing as well.

This activity not only speaks well of those who are part of the Bradley County Family now, but this activity helps to ensure that our economy continues to grow, and this includes all types of Industry and also Agriculture enterprises as well. This process also guarantees the continuation of my phrase for this article each and every week, that Bradley County truly is Tennessee at its BEST!

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