Household Hazard Waste Day

Oct 25 - mkamplain
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D. Gary Davis
County Mayor

Earlier this year a group of both students, professors and also emergency professionals from across our region entered into an area of Cleveland and Bradley County that very few people ever knew about. They spent time not only documenting the specification of the underground tunnel system, but in also trying to find articles and artifacts from a previous time to try and determine the proposed lifestyle that some of our earlier residents may have encountered during their daily life. This process is not a rare one, when considered from across the globe. This past year I had mentioned what it might be said about our residents, if and when future generations were to encounter portions of our everyday life items used and then possibly discarded without a further thought.

For many years Bradley County government has worked with Santek to not only ensure professional outcomes at our landfill site, but in also allowing and providing access to discard our Household Hazardous Waste (HHW). This "free” service to our citizens is held twice each year. An event is held each Spring and again in the Fall. This valuable event is sponsored by and paid for by the following individuals and/or departments. The Bradley County Mayor’s Office, Santek Waste Services, LLC, Cleveland Utilities, Cleveland Bradley County Keep America Beautiful, and the Bradley County Sheriff’s Department.

The HHW Fall event was held earlier this month at the Bradley County Sheriff’s Department. As usually is the case the Spring event collects more waste, probably due to the Spring cleaning activities that we all participate in each year, but the Fall event is attended by more families. The Fall event had 377 households bring a total of 28,054 lbs. of Household Hazardous Waste for a total processing cost of $32,852.32 or $87.14 / household. The event that was held this past Spring had 367 households bring a total of 73,831 lbs. of Household Hazardous Waste for a total processing cost of $35,569.70 or $96.92 / household.

The totals for BOTH of our year’s HHW events have been astounding as our citizens have helped keep the following items not only out of our homes, but also off of our roadsides, and helping to preserve our streams and water sources.

Paints   52,420 lbs.
Electronics    36,167 lbs.
Motor Oil     2,496 lbs.
Pesticides     3,402 lbs.
Solvents     2,071 lbs.
Aerosols     1,469 lbs.
Fluorescents   1,031 lbs.
Oxidizers     1,022 lbs.
Acids        922 lbs.
Batteries        134 lbs.
Misc.        744 lbs.(misc. items = Mercury, Medicines & Flammables)

Total       101,855 lbs. (almost 51 TONS)

With these items being collected and professionally sorted and then disposed of properly the future of our environment is not only ensured but it is also protected. This process will help the future archaeologists find less trash and more treasure when they discover the gift that we all now know as Bradley County, TN. If you helped in this project as a participant, volunteer or employee please accept my, and Bradley County’s thanks. Your efforts help to preserve our beautiful natural surrounding and continue to make it possible to say that Bradley County truly is Tennessee at its best.

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