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D. Gary Davis
County Mayor

Yesterday our community got to have many activities for people of all ages, one of which has also become a tradition locally. Thank you to all who are a part of making the 29th year of MainStreet Cleveland’s Downtown Block Party possible. The massive coordination, support and work needed to make this a success, year after year, is appreciated by our community.

November. A month of change, of continued harvest and of giving thanks. One of the truly amazing things that are special about living in the southeast corner of Tennessee is the ability to enjoy the changes of seasons. This month is usually the highlight of the vast palette of colors that are available when one looks outside and at the beauty of the colors changing of the leaves. The interesting thought to me is that it seems that on some levels that the beauty of each tree’s leaves are actually present and visible due to the final stages of life that are visible for that leaf before it "dies” and is removed from the tree. This process is repeated, literally millions of times, to then provide protection to the soil and thereby ensure the best possible chances for each individual tree to continue to not only survive but to also thrive where it is planted. This is a great life lesson, to me, in that our worth as parents, and citizens, are usually not recognized by others until we are reaching the end of our current life. Hopefully we have each contributed to the betterment of our family and community by our life’s work and that our actions and deeds will continue to protect and serve others and help them to continue to grow and survive where they are planted also.

We all have that "one neighbor” who is continually out working in their yard, or they are paying others to do the same, and whose labors are rewarded with excellent results. The excellently manicured borders, the emerald green of the grass, highlighted by the striped effects of the lawn mowing equipment is truly a sight to behold. If you ARE this person, or if you have a home close to them, it is evident to us all that this is NOT something that just happens. This takes a plan, lots of work and time. This too is like life in that without a plan or work, not much happens in the achievement of anything, no matter how much time is invested.

We are only three weeks away from the time of year that is set aside as a National holiday for us to give thanks. This is not only an important idea, it is a vital aspect for a successful, life, business and community. Without the aspect of being thankful for what we have been given, it is much easier to be distracted by the "wants” in life, instead of being thankful for our "needs” being met. At our present rate of speed with this year, we will soon be remembering the entirety of 2016 and looking forward to the renewed growth and anticipation of the opportunities of 2017 that hopefully will await us all.

Thank you for the opportunity to be your County Mayor. To have the trust and support of not only a vibrant community, but a thankful community truly makes it evident each and every day that we are a blessed community and that we are blessed to be a blessing to others. This is just one more reason that our citizens and Bradley County are truly Tennessee at its best! 

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