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D. Gary Davis
County Mayor

"If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten.” This is an anonymous quote that is often used or spoken when trying to influence a change of behavior or to improve an outcome in a situation. But one could also use this same quote to positively encourage behavior that is currently producing good results.

An on-line Oxford dictionary also has the definition of a "benchmark” listed as: a standard or point of reference against which things may be compared. Recently Bradley County received some very good news that is encouraging as we were recognized as achieving a State of Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development Three Star designation. This is an amazing accomplishment that Bradley County has earned and been recognized for its exceptional business environment and community development actions.

The Three Star program is designed to focus on these areas, identified as critical to ensuring the success of Tennessee communities:

Jobs & Economic Development
Fiscal Strength & Efficient Government
Public Safety
Education & Workforce Development
Health & Welfare

Each County is evaluated annually on the completion of their activity plan. Local community leaders & Joint Economic and Community Development Boards are encouraged to implement activities that will impact the community’s competitiveness in a global economy. By achieving this designation, participating counties (and the cities within these counties) are eligible for a four percent discount (for eligible projects) on both business development and community development ability-to-pay calculations (CDBG and FastTrack) each year that the County fulfills the requirements of the ThreeStar program. Additionally, only Cities located in a County that is an active participant in the ThreeStar program will be eligible to participate in the Tennessee Downtowns program. Finally, there is an annual grant that we have received in the amount of $10,000 for the past two years that has helped with lifesaving equipment purchased by the Bradley County Ambulance Service and also computer software improvements for Bradley County Courthouse offices, respectively.

More information may be found on-line at Type in (or scroll down to) Bradley County and you can retrieve last year’s score card for Bradley County along with "quick facts” income and unemployment rate and statistics.

My executive assistant, Lindsay Hathcock, traveled to Nashville to receive this year’s award. While there he heard Governor Haslam’s remarks that "Tennessee is the best State in the World” to sell when meeting with possible new business owners who are looking for a new location for their respective business. There is less debt, per person, than any other State in the Nation and our State has also gone the longest without a tax increase that any other State also.

Working with many others in and across our community we have also achieved a similar result locally and have continually raised the bar with a benchmark of excellence. This cooperative spirit among elected, appointed, city, county, chamber, private industry and citizens has always lead to growth, success and security. I am honored and also blessed, to be able to be a part of this winning formula (and team) that continues to produce the reason for my quote "Bradley County is Tennessee at its Best”.

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