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D. Gary Davis
County Mayor

For Tuesday 11/24/2015

Thanksgiving. Just the mention of the name of this Holiday is enough to encourage me to have a better day. It is also one of those words that may be used as either a noun (person, place or thing) but also a verb, as it describes or implies an action word.

The noun portion seems to get the majority of the notoriety every year. Many people look forward to the visiting with family and friends along with meals prepared with attention to every detail that are consumed at a home or restaurant of their choice. But this year I would like to remember the "active” portion of this word, this holiday and this mindset.

This past week we were honored to learn of the continued efforts of many in our community that work, volunteer and expend resources to address the needs of the homeless population in our community. This shows compassion for those in need of help. It also allows those who can to participate in providing relief and accurately position resources that help this population while also helping to maintain each person’s personal dignity and improve access for ALL in our Community.

The change of seasons from summer to autumn has graced us all with the majesty of our Creator’s handiwork when we just take the time to enjoy the view across all of Bradley County. Many thousands of travelers migrate here each year to partake of the view that we get to enjoy each and every day. This gives us another reason to be thankful.

Economic growth continues to be not only found in Bradley County, but it also has thankfully remained for more than just a season. The ability to encourage growth and provide services are just 2 of the many items that local, state and national programs have had success with in our Community.

Faith in our future, Faith in each other and Faith in our destiny have always been a dramatic part of our lives in Bradley County and I see no change in that in the foreseeable future. But with each reason to be thankful there are also those who have helped to pave the way or pay the cost of this success. This year may we all take time to remember and reflect upon those who have "gone before” that have allowed us to enjoy the results of their "doing without” so that we would not have to experience the same economy that they had to experience. May we ALL take time to verbally say and in actions prove that we truly are thankful to those who we have the opportunity to call family and friends on Thanksgiving each and every day of the year. And then may we also take time to reflect upon the future results of our actions today and what effect that we and our actions will have on subsequent generations who will inherit our community in the future.

These actions will result in helping us all express our appreciation for every person, place or thing that we give thanks for and allow us to better understand the true cost of the freedoms and community that we get to enjoy and call our home. Charleston, Cleveland and every community throughout Bradley County did not just appear on the map for us to enjoy today. It has been worked for, purchased and entrusted to us for a season of time. May we acknowledge this gift and the value that it holds and continue our dedication to each other to ensure that those who will inherit it later will also know the cost and the true value of the gift that they have received. This legacy of service, tradition and customs are yet more reasons that Bradley County truly is Tennessee at its best!

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