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Nov 03 - mkamplain
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With over 700 miles of roads to maintain in Bradley County alone, there is visible local proof that our economy and quite possibly our way of life is dependent on transportation of both products and people. To perform this process safely there has to be periodic maintenance performed on both roads and individual cars, trucks or SUV’s. This past weekend we have changed our time locally and many use this time to check the function and battery supply in their fire alarms to help protect their family while at home. May we all add another activity during this time change to include helping to ensure that our family continues to be safe as we travel also? There is never a good time to be delayed but it can be especially dangerous when colder weather is now approaching and will soon make a delay not only dangerous but also possibly life threatening . And while any change of seasons is a great time to be reminded to perform necessary maintenance to ensure our family’s safety, there is a new tool that may make this much more complete. 

The National Highway Transportation Safety Association (NHTSA) has recently unveiled a new web based product to help our citizens help themselves and their families. The premise is simple, the results are profound. 

Whether if you own a brand new, slightly used or up to 15 years old form of transportation this new tool is designed to help us know if it is inherently safe to operate and drive. And as the years pass and the number of owners grow it can become difficult to inform the current owner of any automobile, truck or SUV of problems or concerns. There have been previous attempts to correct this but this new database and search tool seems to have combined the best of each system to deliver a superior product. If your form of transportation is more than 15 years old there may be some information but it is not guaranteed and it is recommended that you stay in contact with the local dealer representatives of these cars as well.

Find time soon to visit http://www.safercar.gov . While there you will find valuable information concerning car seats, tire safety, tire ratings, car and equipments safety alerts and the newest addition will be found in the Vehicle Owners tab where you can find specific information concerning your car, truck or SUV. You will need the vehicle identification number (VIN number) to access this information. Since 1981 this has been a unique set of 17 characters assigned to every over the road vehicle sold in the United States of America. This is usually placed in the door jamb on the "B” pillar or the driver or passenger door or in a space under the driver’s side of the windshield that may have a bar code system associated with it as well. Placing this unique code into the website allows the information from every manufacturer to be accessed in an attempt to reach all possible owners of their products to alert them of possible concerns or recalls with an emphasis on 3 areas.

1. Safety recalls that are incomplete on a vehicle.
2. Safety recalls conducted over the past 15 calendar years.
3. Safety recalls conducted by MAJOR light auto manufacturers, including motorcycle manufacturers

If you are concerned about your family and the car, truck or SUV that they use in their daily commutes, this ability to INDEPENDENTLY check the safety of their mode of transportation is now available to, and for, the general public. Therefore if you have noticed a new sound, vibration or change in how your car has been driving during your recent travels there may be another reason for this concern. And even if you just want to know a brief history of each vehicle that you own, it may be a great time to try out this latest tool to help keep you and your family safe. Thanks for everything that each resident of Bradley County does on a daily basis to keep us safe, productive and responsible. These are just a few more examples of why Bradley County is Tennessee at its best!

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