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Nov 08 - mkamplain
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D. Gary Davis
County Mayor

For Tuesday 11/08/2016

Today is Election Day. We have heard many across our community, state and even the nation state that this is the most important election of our lifetime. It appears that Election Day participation records are set to be broken ALL ACROSS AMERICA. This is a good thing, as participation not only helps elect the candidate of your choice, but it also ensures that this MOST valuable and precious right of an American citizen is sustained.

While I am sure that many things in today’s society would grieve the founders of our Republic, the lack of value placed on the individual vote and the abject apathy in which some "modern day” citizens exist would have to be at the top, or at least near the top, of their list of concerns. The value placed in educating oneself about not only the topics of discussion, but also the candidate viewpoints on each topic are slowly fading away. Many in today’s world of "24 hour” news simply rely on others, who somehow claim to be enlightened, to explain to them how to vote and the viewpoints of each candidate. This may at first have seemed to be a less involved way in which to be informed but it has also helped lead to the absolute mess we have now where some, on both sides of the aisle, do not even bother to seek answers or solutions to problems, but only seek to destroy the opposing candidate and their supporters.

American politics has NEVER been for those with thin skin or a weak stomach. Before cable news there were the networks. Before the networks there were the newspapers, before the newspapers there were the duels. BUT in the 240 year history of our nation "We the people” understood that at the end of the day we were all on the same team! Whoever is fortunate enough, or unfortunate enough, depending upon your viewpoint, to become our next president will need not only everyone’s support but also our prayers. 

Our nation is not the only one with concerns, worry and problems. With an unwavering faith those that went before us helped to ensure the freedoms that we as a free people enjoy, but also helped many more populations enjoy this gift as well. These brave citizens lived on rations, did without and volunteered so that their descendants would know peace and prosperity. Rest assured that others are watching how we conduct ourselves and how we respond in order to not only find a weakness, but to also exploit it to their advantage. We are each members of the same team and when working together we truly are undefeatable, but EVERY enemy (foreign and domestic) ALWAYS looks for ANY weakness to exploit and divide. May we continue to not only defy the odds, but to remain vigilant in our efforts to ensure our freedoms continue for many more generations as a nation of hope, faith and security for each of our citizens.

The Bradley County Election department, each employee, volunteer and ALL involved have once again done an excellent job to provide our citizens a place to cast a vote for each local, state and federal candidate of our choice. If you have the opportunity to do so, please let them know how much they are appreciated and thank you again for taking the time to vote. The great turnout of voters, is just one more reason that Bradley County continues to be Tennessee at its best!

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