Merry Christmas

Dec 23 - mkamplain

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D. Gary Davis
County Mayor

Human nature is fascinating. With each advance that is developed to save us time and make life more enjoyable, it seems to have the opposite effect. Some in our community may remember their first telephone, their first television or even their first microwave oven (many of which were made right here in Bradley County). Who would have thought that people who were used to waiting for food to be prepared would now complain because the microwave has become too slow.

In 2 more days we get to celebrate the greatest gift that has ever been given to humanity, the true meaning of this Christmas Holiday. But even this time has fallen prey to the advances in technology. Instead of going to local businesses to buy gifts, many shop "online” now and have the products delivered to their individual homes. And while some call this advancement, and I would in some cases say they are correct, I would also say that the "personal interaction” is now missing.

At first glance this may seem as something that has just now or recently occurred to our society. This selfishness that has crept up and overtaken what is supposed to be such a wonderful time of the year. But it is also told that over 2,000 years ago this same mentality was among those of that era as well. That with seeing a very pregnant woman and her husband in need, they too, were too busy to help. It may have been for very legitimate reasons, but all across the town they replied the same, that there was no room for "them” in their Inn, their town or in their lives.

When those of us who celebrate this gift have the opportunity to sit down together as a family and share the gifts with those we love, may we also put into place the values that this time represents as well. May we all continue to find time to help those who are in need among us each day. May we continue to search for ways to volunteer in our community to not only serve others but to also strengthen the place we call home. May we share the gift of fellowship and hope that this day represents for the other 364 days of each year. And may we find ways to move outside of our "comfort zone” to ensure that all of Bradley County continues to be a place of security, opportunity and the timeless gifts of love and respect for one another.

In doing so, human nature can also have a positive effect. Not only are we preserving what we have, we are guaranteeing that our children and all those that follow after us will know that we took our responsibilities seriously. That we left our community better than when we arrived and that we were thankful for the gift we received in being able to call Bradley County home. From my family to each of you, Merry Christmas everyone!

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