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Dec 27 - mkamplain
Our County
D. Gary Davis
County Mayor

The human mind likes to have order, and in this order the concept of time has developed. We can measure from the smallest of milliseconds to the concept of light years that are found from traveling distances at the speed of light, or 186,000 miles per second. During this past year Bradley County and our citizens have had an eventful year indeed.

With the expansion of multiple businesses and industries the compounded effect of more citizens and their families calling Bradley County their home is a good thing. The continued ability for educational advancements are also helping to cause interest and induce growth in our community. Improvements in the infrastructure, like at Exit 20 of I-75 and APD-40, also signal another opportunity for Bradley County and our region.

The ability of our Federal, State, County, City and every elected official and governmental department to not only know each other on a first name basis, but to also truly look for the best regional option have also helped to continue this trajectory of exponential growth that we have come to enjoy as almost commonplace. This is not the case in many locations across the nation. We have all seen media reports lately of those who either are seeking to take the credit for others work, or they are trying to blame others for their own mistakes.

The hundreds of companies, with the thousands of products surrounded by the millions of ideas and the billions of dollars of investments have helped to not only make this type of growth possible, but to also help to keep it sustainable as well.

A few times this past year we had some setbacks with weather related emergencies. These were met with our communities professionals and volunteers at every level to not only help in the restoration process but in also providing first aid and emergency services to individuals, families, businesses and even their household pets and livestock if needed.

Energy efficient changes and improvements are occurring at ALL Bradley County Educational facilities and administrative buildings. These improvements will help in not only providing a more comfortable learning environment but in also providing this improved environment at a reduced cost to us ALL, as taxpayers.

Recreational facilities improvements and expansions continue, at a pace that is slower than some may like, but each improvement and expansion is performed, and is PAID FOR at the same time. So all facilities, improvements and expansions are without any additional debt for the taxpayer to pay for later, and in doing so we save the interest payment amounts.

Working together, we have been able to provide for the exceptional growth this past year without a tax rate increase. I thank each and every person who works each day to help provide a service, skill or product for the marketplace that is now truly a worldwide marketplace. With this continued process there really is no limit to the growth, potential and possibilities that we may all achieve during the next 365 trips around the sun in 2017. It is my honor and with great appreciation that I have the opportunity to serve as your County Mayor. On behalf of my family, and a grateful community, please accept my thanks for how each of you contribute to the success of Bradley County. Let’s continue to work together to build upon the successes that were made in 2016 and find out together in 2017 why Bradley County, TN truly is Tennessee at its best!

May each citizen of Bradley County have a safe, prosperous and Happy New Year! 

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