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Dec 30 - mkamplain

Our County
D. Gary Davis
County Mayor

Many in our County have already spent some time planning for this next year that starts literally in 2 days. Much can be said for those who spend time planning for the future to help in the process of being ready for what this next year may bring their family and their community. Some who take this planning to the next level have recently been defined by some as the term "preppers”. These are people who literally have analyzed the current situation and with a global perspective and a local emphasis have planned for life after a society changing event. This mindset and activity of being prepared has been taught for centuries by various groups such as the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts who are always working to "be prepared”. There were also those who founded our Country who knew that they had to plan, plant, work and harvest when they could as the winter was always bearing down as an imaginary clock that only gave a limited amount of time to become prepared.

This time of New Years give us all a time to contemplate what has worked this past year and what could be improved upon to help us achieve more in The New Year. Some may look at financial forecasts, some may look at physical improvement that may be needed and still others may have relationship issues that could be improved upon this next year. It is important to remember that while resolutions and plans for improvement are good, there is also the need to keep them at the attainable level. This helps to avoid burnout and to ensure a greater chance of success in reaching a goal. This process helps to strengthen our resolve to set new goals and then work toward making them part of a working plan for our new year.

As we each work to find portions of our lives that may need some improvement this next year may we also remember that this is a process that can be started at any time, at any level, and at any place that one finds themselves in at a given time. The effort that is required for success is high, as it should be. I was taught long ago that anything worth having is worth working for, and this is no different.

So if you consider yourself a "prepper”, a novice, or somewhere in-between please know that each of you have a lot of good company. May we use this time to plan to protect and provide for Ourselves, our Family, our County and our Community this week, and always. The time taken will be well spent in ensuring that our County continues to always be Tennessee at its best. I look forward to working with each citizen in our community to make Bradley County an even better place. May you and your family have a Happy, Safe and Prosperous New Year!

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