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Dec 06 - mkamplain
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D. Gary Davis
County Mayor

For Tuesday 12/06/2016

I want to begin this week by reminding everyone that Wednesday, December 7th is Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. It has now been 75 years since that day that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt proclaimed that December 7th, 1941 was "a date which will live in infamy.” May we never forget the valiant and brave men and women who have preceded us who overcame adversity in their present day to leave us a future filled with promise and hope!
The amount of stress, adrenaline, emotions, grief and panic that has seemed to be a part of our region recently has taken its toll on many of our residents. It has also reminded me to be more understanding and to also take the time necessary to not only hear, but to also listen, to those who just need to "vent” or just to talk to someone else who might need a friend who not only will listen, but will also try and help them if possible.

The recent symphony of bad news seemed to take some of us by surprise, but what it has also brought to the forefront of our memory is the absolute goodness that is also a part of Bradley County and this region. This past week’s storm system was another example of the helpful attitude that is at the core of who we are as a community. Not only do we stop and pray for individuals, but we also work to alleviate suffering and help in ways that many across our nation cannot even comprehend.

Recent mutual aid activities have only strengthened my admiration and thankfulness for those who strive and work to keep us safe and to also allow a civilized society to thrive by protecting law and order. The compliments that I have received upon how Bradley County Departments, our Communities and our People, work together to achieve a common goal, not only for ourselves but for others in our region and beyond in their time of need, is simply overwhelming.

This is not just a recent phenomenon either, as the same was said about our community and it’s amazing residents after the tornadoes of 2011 and multitudes of other occasions. This past week reminded me of the same message, that we are a blessed people. State and Federal departments, along with many other Regional administrative personnel explained that we (Bradley County citizens, departments, personnel, volunteers, churches and civic organizations) had "the majority of clean up and restoration activities underway, before most communities even have gathered together to discuss a plan”.

Others in our community often join with me in saying how proud we are of ALL and EACH of our first responders at every level, but we ALL truly are blessed with the best of the best who call Charleston, Cleveland, and all of Bradley County home. We, and our region, are the recipients of this gift, not only during the month of Christmas, but all year long. May we be united in our thanks, support and appreciation of each and every member of our amazing team of first responders and law enforcement professionals. In doing so we help to guarantee the continuation which is yet another reason that causes Bradley County to be Tennessee at its best!

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