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D. Gary Davis
County Mayor

I remember hearing a wise person once tell me that "your health is your wealth”. I also remember the saying that "People spend some of their early life sacrificing their health to achieve wealth, and then their remaining life’s wealth is spent in trying to regain their health”. Many times we find that it is easier to retain what we have, and a person’s health is a great place to start.

Bradley County is blessed to have a local Recreation Department that works diligently to supply our County with opportunities for year round health initiatives and activities for our communities youth and adults.

The Bradley County Recreation Department just completed the youth football for the 2014 season. 300 children participated over a 9 week period in the local league with 16 teams. The 7 / 8 year old Champions were the Bulldogs, that were led by Coach Jake Stum. The 9 / 10 year old Super Bowl Champion were the Falcons, that were led by Coach Richard Jackson. The local league would not have been a success without the continued dedication of the volunteer coaches and supporters who volunteer numerous hours to our local youth.

Local tennis legend, Charlie Smith, invited USTA instructor Carl Davies to Bradley County for tennis instruction opportunities with both our County and City School Systems. Presently involving the Coordinated School Health and local Physical Education professionals this "groundwork” will prove very beneficial with the upcoming Spring Tennis opportunities that will soon be available.

The work continues at Elrod Park with great progress. This new facility is located on Minnis Road adjacent to Parkview School and across from one of our newest Bradley County Fire Halls. The fields have been completed to final grade and the fence and irrigation plans are finalized. The specifications will be advertised within the next 2 weeks.
Our Bradley County Youth Basketball program has also recently begun. Over 600 games are currently scheduled for this season. 65 basketball teams and 21 cheerleading squads have signed up to participate in this year’s program.

As we search for the perfect gift for those we love may we always remember that the gift of health is truly one worth finding and if possible sharing. The multiple opportunities of healthy activity choices that are currently available and are also being planned for our community by our Bradley County Recreation Department staff and volunteers are worth your consideration when looking for that perfect gift. For further information and opportunities to participate or volunteer please contact the Bradley County Recreation Department at 423-728-7035 or visit Thank you to each and all who work tirelessly to ensure that exercise, good sportsmanship and teamwork are not only taught but also exemplified by example each and every day for our youth. It is this aspect that when combined with our citizens that continues to explain why Bradley County is Tennessee at its best!

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