Mother's Day

May 16 - mkamplain
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D. Gary Davis
County Mayor

This past weekend many of us were blessed with the ability to express our love, admiration, thankfulness and hopefully appreciation to those who helped to give us life, our Mother. I am one who wishes that they could once again speak with their mother, either in person or on the phone and just hear her voice once more. The memories of her love for me and our family are ones that I treasure each and every day and quite honestly are some of my greatest memories and are a great comfort on certain days! Some people were not blessed to have a Mother like mine and some people had a Mother who was not the best example for their children. I feel sorry for those who did not have the unconditional love and acceptance that many in our community had in their homes. If you are able to, I humbly ask that you take the time to speak with your Mother and express your appreciation for their sacrifices made in order for their children to succeed where they may have failed. If you missed your opportunity this past weekend, there is ALWAYS today to make a renewed effort to be a better child and show the respect that they deserve as a parent and role model.

It has also been said that there are some who have been born with a face "that only their mother would, or could, love.” This past week was also a "big” week for the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the news cycle across the nation. But two stories from the FCW that covers the business of federal technology reveals that there are other recent stories that may be even more interesting.

Recently the FBI has expanded its access to photo databases and facial recognition technology to support its many investigations. Lawmakers are increasingly concerned as to the bureau’s ability to protect those images of literally millions of American citizens and then to also follow the increasing regulations in relating to the fundamentals of transparency. Through databases, repositories and accompanied agencies more than 411 million photos of Americans, many of whom have never committed a crime, are available for review and request at a moment’s notice. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Chair, Rep. Jason Chaffetz, from Utah noted that "You’re required by law to put out a privacy statement and you didn’t and now we’re supposed to trust you with millions of people’s faces.”

During Comey’s tenure at the FBI, he often warned that modern encryption technology was often allowing criminals and terrorist to "go dark” and he argued for tech companies to provide secure backdoors and other keys for law enforcement to access devices and communications. At a recent speech at Boston College in March of this year, he stated that the FBI received 2,000 devices related to criminal cases, and that it was unable to access the data on 1,200 of them. It does not take a "rocket scientist” to determine and understand that criminals adapt and they also learn from past mistakes. With the understood need for healthcare and financial security of information circulating across the information highway they have taken advantage of the same encryption technology to keep their communications between themselves private as well. What was once a very expensive undertaking has now become as simple as downloading an "app” on a smart cellphone for a few dollars that has the potential to bypass the premier law enforcement agency in the world, for now.

This week may we all try our best to represent our Mother’s parenting skills in the best possible light to those that we meet along life in Bradley County. May we be mindful that there are those who seek to take our identity, our communications and our data to use for various unsavory ideas and enterprises. But even with that activity being a possibility there are those who choose to be, do and become the best that they are possible of achieving. This concept and attitude is thankfully found among the majority locally and is what helps us to continually enjoy keeping Bradley County as Tennessee at its best!

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