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Jun 27 - mkamplain
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D. Gary Davis
County Mayor

Stay active, stay healthy, stay local. Bradley County, and our immediate region are blessed. With close to 70% of the Nation within a 1 day drive, it is easy to plan for a fun getaway. If your budget and your time to be away are not in great supply there are literally too many places to list within this brief weekly article’s space. 

If you are interested in group sporting events and teams; you have football, baseball, girls’ softball, basketball, cheerleading, tennis and BMX all available through the Bradley County Parks and Recreation department. With multiple locations across Bradley County there is hopefully somewhere for you to find a place to participate and recreate with Bradley County Parks and Recreation.

Another list of destinations may be found upon the Cleveland Bradley County Chamber of Commerce Webpages and the many destination of activities that they have listed to see and enjoy. From the Bradley County Farmers Market, Bradley County Farmers Market North and the 5 Points Market. Morris Vineyard and Winery with some of the most breathtaking views of the surrounding Appalachian Mountains. The working farms division has listed the Apple Valley Orchard, to our adjoining McMinn County’s Mayfield Dairy Farms Visitor’s Center. The Red Clay State Park has new technology to now exhibit and explain the extreme significance of this portion of Bradley County within both the Cherokee and the United States of America’s history. This deep history is now being expanded with new and exciting descriptions throughout Charleston, Tennessee in northern Bradley County that will help highlight the significance of this location with the Trail of Tears origin.

Ocoee River Whitewater Rapids are truly legendary. America’s ONLY Whitewater Olympic River site was highlighted as the site of the 1996 Canoe and Kayak Competitions. One of the Nation’s largest underground lakes can be found at the site in Sweetwater that is known at The Lost Sea” and almost the exact same distance south on I-75 you may visit three of Chattanooga’s original adventures known as Rock City, Ruby Falls and The Incline. These "original three” have been added to with The Aquarium, Warner Park Zoo, The Discovery Museum and the I-Max Theater.

The Chattanooga Choo Choo, the Hunter Museum of Art and the Riverwalk are other places throughout Hamilton County that many in our area find to be interesting places of adventure. Our own Greenway continues to grow both in uses and length as this form of outside exercise and relaxation has become a more frequent choice for many who call our County their home. If you have family and friends who come to Bradley County to visit and partake of some of these activities and you find that you do not have adequate room to house them all you are indeed in luck. We are also blessed with an abundant supply of hotel rooms at various price and levels of service for your individual needs.

If you are a long term citizen, and new resident or even a visitor who is just passing through, please know that you are appreciated. I hope that you were welcomed and that you find your time here a pleasant one. While it is a Biblical quote that states "to whom much is given, much is required”, it is also a good analogy for us ALL to remember with the gifts of our natural beauty that we each get to enjoy here at home. May we ALL strive to help preserve the beauty, the access and the ability to enjoy this natural beauty by doing our part to make sure that it is kept nice for future generations. By doing so we ensure that Bradley County continues to be Tennessee at its Best!

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