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D. Gary Davis
County Mayor

For Tuesday 07/25/2017

Today, we are only 5 months away from Christmas. As shocking as this sounds, to many more it will be almost unbelievable that the new Bradley County School year begins for students next Friday August 4th. The Cleveland City Schools system will operate on an abbreviated day on the following Monday August 7th, for students. Teacher in-service is August 1 – 3, for both School Systems and their Professionals.

The ability to ride bikes across entire neighborhoods and seek summer employment seemed to last forever when we were younger, but now the summer time has been reduced to about 2 months or 8 weeks, on average. The change of family schedules will soon become a new "normal” for families all across Bradley County. New school supplies and the essential needs that every child requires to do their best during their educational pursuits are fast approaching as well.

Each and every parent should want the best for their children, but although all may want the best, not all may be able to afford the required supplies for each new class and school years list. If you have been blessed with an abundance please remember those who may not have the material means to purchase what is needed for their child. Charleston, Cleveland and Bradley County have long been known for their generosity and this time of year is yet another time that shines forth with the goodness that makes our communities special indeed.

While we all may not be able to afford the costs of the new school year by ourselves, we can ALL remember to drive safely. Many children, the younger ones especially, are so excited to begin their new school year with friends and new acquaintances that they have met, that they may not be as observant as they should. This may cause them to walk out in front of traffic without warning and if we are not paying the upmost attention it is easy to see how a tragedy may occur. I know how easy this can happen as this past week I was crossing a street downtown and without warning a car traveling the opposite direction on a "one way” street did not see me and upon impact knocked me to the ground and proceeded to run over my foot. Thankfully, and prayerfully, I was not hurt terribly bad, but if I were a smaller person the results could have been tragic indeed.

Observe safety zones and their rules as they are there for the drivers and the student’s protection. Follow the recommendations of professionals in making sure that children get adequate rest and nutrition before each school day, if possible. We are a blessed community that have multiple excellent school choices to help prepare the next generation of leaders for our community and beyond. Thanks to ALL our teachers, administrators, cafeteria staff, and everyone involved with our education systems for your dedication. Good luck to our students: may you have an enjoyable, memorable time during your school years. Parents, please enjoy every minute of your child’s educational experience. After their graduation and they leave for college, the "empty nest” can be an empty void. With continued attention to provide for the now, but also for the future, while remembering our past and heritage, it is easy to see why Bradley County continues to be Tennessee at its best!

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