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Jul 04 - mkamplain
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D. Gary Davis
County Mayor

We have the honor of celebrating today because, with divine guidance, men, women and children took it upon themselves to seek freedom and representation by those who understood their plight and needs. They sought this inherit freedom and the gift of self-control of their lives instead of being seen only as a number and a way of increasing revenue by taxation without representation. It is still amazing to me, that in a little over 241 years, we have been blessed to become a part of the greatest nation, with the opportunity for all to work, which the world has ever known.

The skill, dedication, devotion and intellect of the founding fathers, and their families, left as a legacy for us to follow. With sacred history as a guide they crafted for themselves, their families and their descendants what was missing during their present day struggles to live. I am sure that if they could see what our nation has become, they would have both words of praise and also words of concern.

The ability to speed along the ground in a car, through the air in an airplane and across the water in a floating city of a modern cruise ship, underwater in a submarine or through space in a spacecraft would have been unthinkable in their day. The ability to instantly communicate from telegraph, telephone, cellular devices and now social media with literally anyone in the world was not even considered in their day. The orbiting satellites that were put in place by our military, scientists and engineers have given us GPS capability for our military to place an ordinance within inches of a desired target, also literally anywhere in the world. Yet with all of this technology and seemingly endless advancements they had the wisdom to know that subsequent generations who had not fought for freedoms would not know how truly valuable it is to an individual, their family, a community and even our nation. 

The quote of "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety,” is attributed to Benjamin Franklin. He was a US author, diplomat, inventor, physicist, politician and printer who lived from 1706 – 1790. He was present and helped to sign the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776. Many alive today know him as the face of the $100 dollar bill, but have forgotten the true value of his words and contributions.

We, as a nation, are far from perfect as we have many viewpoints now striving for both attention and time, but we are STILL the BEST nation on earth. The American dream may have been interrupted for a time, but even today if you are willing to do work diligently and when others will not, you can become whatever you want and live like others can’t, only in America.

In Bradley County we understand that each and every person is important to the collective good of our communities. We continually strive to also "live within our means” as a government. An example of that process was yesterday’s vote to once again fund Bradley County government for the 17th year without a tax increase. This budgeting process takes teamwork, discussions and decisions with everyone in mind, including remembering and representing the taxpayers who are also trying to live within their budgets every year as well. This process has not only worked, it has worked well and continues to give us the ability to lead. This is evident with billions of investments by corporations that choose to locate here, being recently chosen as the number 1 (for a month) and number 2 (for the entire year) location for job growth in the entire nation and also one of the lowest unemployment rates in the entire state. Bradley County truly is Tennessee at its best! I hope everyone has a great 4th of July as we celebrate our Nation’s birthday!

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