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Aug 15 - mkamplain
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For Tuesday 08/15/2017

This past week I was checking some of the new links that are now available at the State of Tennessee website that is accessed by visiting The portion of State government known as the TN Department of Safety and Homeland Security, like many others, have added to their previous listings even more valuable information. You can find information concerning the new laws that are currently effective, best practices to help improve your ability to survive an active shooter scenario, procedures to follow if you were to receive a suspicious mail or package, actions to take if you, or your company were to receive a bomb threat along with many more. The one that I would like to discuss today caught my attention due to its title listed as: The Top Ten Traffic Safety Laws for TN Visitors

10) Open Container Law TCA 55-10-416 Drivers shall not consume or possess an open container of an alcoholic beverage or beer while operating a motor vehicle in Tennessee. 9) Motorcycle Helmet Law TCA 55-9-302 All motorcycle operators and passengers are required to wear a helmet and they must meet federal vehicle standards and be certified by the Department of Transportation. 8) Child Restraint Devices Law TCA 55-9-602 ALL child passengers through the age of eight (8) must be secured in a Child Restraint Device with placement in a vehicle varying by age, weight , size and age of a child being further explained within the law. 7) Maximum Length of Recreational Vehicle Combination Law TCA 55-7-201 The maximum length of this type of vehicle is sixty-five (65) feet. Any towed vehicle must be securely attached to the pulling unit and also be equipped with functional brake and signal lights. 6) Tennessee’s DUI Law and Penalties TCA 55-10-401 and 55-10-403. Individuals are presumed to be under the influence of alcohol with a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of .08%. First time offenders are subject to a $350.00 minimum fine and 48 hours in jail. Enhanced penalties and sanctions will result if BAC is greater than the legal limit or if children are present at the time of arrest. 5) Handgun Carry Permit Law TCA 39-17-1351 Tennessee allows out-of-state residents who possess a legally issued Handgun Carry Permit to bear a handgun: Tennessee laws regulating the use and carry of a handgun shall take precedence. Other specifics and a listing of states with reciprocity agreements are available online. 4) Speeding in Construction Zones Law TCA 55-8-153 Drivers are required to obey speed limits at ALL times, especially when workers are present in a construction zone. Violators are subject to a minimum $250.00 fine. 3) Seat Belt Law TCA 55-9-603 Tennessee is a primary Safety Belt State. Drivers are required to wear a safety belt at all times when operating a motor vehicle in Tennessee and are also responsible to ensure that ALL passengers are also wearing their safety belt while in their form of transportation. 2) Move Over Law TCA 55-8-132 When approaching a stopped emergency vehicle with visual emergency lights being activated, drivers are required to yield the right-of-way to the vehicle by moving into the closest available lane away from the emergency vehicle, whenever possible. When not possible drivers are then required to slow down and provide as much space as possible to protect emergency vehicle operators in action. 1) Texting While Driving Law TCA 55-8-199 Texting while driving a vehicle in Tennessee is ILLEGAL.

I enjoy a good time as much as anyone else, but this top ten list is not a laughing matter. These laws, and many others, are needed to help keep the majority of us safe as we go about our day’s activities. If everyone thought of others first and how their individual actions might effect others, there would not be a need for most laws and their consequences for not following them, Please know that I appreciate those who strive to do their best each and everyday across our community. They help to keep Bradley County, Tennessee at its best!

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