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Aug 08 - mkamplain
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D. Gary Davis
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For Tuesday 08/08/2017

While discussing the daily news this past week I was informed of a person who recently had a flat tire. They started looking for the spare tire in their newer car and discovered a new, but not uncommon problem. Their car was one of the increasing number of automobiles that in the process of manufacturing have taken it upon themselves to decrease overall vehicle weight, production costs and have discontinued the process of providing a spare tire, of ANY type. They simply did not have a spare tire. While there are numerous forms and types of information available I found an article published by Shell that referenced 10 essentials to improve the outcomes of any situation that a good driver should keep in their trunk. 

1) Jumper Cables: The benefits of which are not known unless needed and not having a set of quality, heavy gauge, jumper cables. Proper instruction and use are also vital in an effort to protect from further injury due to improper placement during use. 2) Flashlight: Most "smartphones” have a flashlight capability but a true, standalone flashlight will usually provide a brighter light for a longer period of time and also preserve your smartphone for calling for help in the case that it might be needed. 3) Triangle Reflector: The ability to be seen and to remain seen during an emergency event may literally be difference in surviving an episode of car trouble and becoming the victim of an automobile accident if you are on the shoulder of the road while awaiting help or also repairing your car. 4) Spare tire: Make sure that you have one and its location. Remember to periodically check each tire for proper inflation, including your spare and know the location and use of ALL devices needed to change a tire on your individual car. If your spare tire is older than 10 years old, please consider replacing it due to the possibility of it becoming susceptible to dry rot and making its use a danger. 5) Self Fusing Silicone Repair Tape: This is a "step above” Duct Tape but it is true that it can fix almost anything, even if only temporarily. A cracked radiator hose or exposed wiring are excellent temporary uses of this item to get you to a safer place to perform a permanent fix and or repair. 6) Gloves: A good pair of work gloves will help to protect your hands while working on a hot engine bay, changing a blown out tire or working around sharp metal parts of your car. 7) First Aid Kit: A burn, cut or damage sustained by an accident of any type will benefit from first aid supplies, and knowledge, until other help or emergency responders arrive. 8) Distilled Water: From emergency drinking water to adding water to your car’s radiator, storing an unopened gallon of water in your trunk may come in very handy. Please remember to secure, occasionally check and replace this addition to your trunk supplies. 9) Fire Extinguisher: Automobile fire are a rare occurrence, but when they do happen they have the tendency to escalate in severity quickly. When purchasing one make sure that it is rated for a Class B and a Class C, good for flammable liquids and also electrical fires respectively. Be sure that it is also securely stored in your vehicle. 10) Blanket: This addition may help to provide warmth if you were to get stuck in the cold or either to insulate you from the heat of the sun soaked asphalt while working on your car.

Hopefully these items are in your trunk as well to help protect you and your family if you are on a long trip or just across town. With many new drivers entering the roadway to travel to and from their schools it is also a good idea to make sure that their cars are also supplied and that they know how to use products to help themselves. The addition of an auto club like AAA might also be a benefit to consider. May we all remain safe, courteous to each other and be prepared while on each and every one of the approximately 760 miles of roadways of Bradley County. This process will help us as we enjoy being Tennessee at its best!

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