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Accounts and Budgets

     The mission of the Department of Accounts & Budgets is to provide budgeting, accounting, transaction, and quality financial expertise and information to elected officials, staff, other stakeholders, and citizens of Bradley County in compliance with legal requirements and policies so that they can consistently and responsively meet their financial management needs.  This department covers all areas of the County with the exception of Bradley County Schools and Bradley County Road Department.

Budgets - Includes preparation and monitoring of annual departmental and divisional budgets.

Accounts Payable - Includes processing of claims for payments and recording of expenditures.

  undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefinedGeneral Accounting - Includes the preparation of all reports and/or fiscal documents as required by the County, State or Federal Governments. 

Fiscal Year – The fiscal year used by the County for budgeting and accounting begins July 1 and ends the following June 30. 

Audits – The County’s books are audited annually by the State of Tennessee
Comptroller’s Office, Division of County Audit.

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