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Gayla Harris Miller was elected as Circuit Court Clerk of Bradley County, TN in 2006 after the former Clerk retired. Mrs. Miller has 28 years of experience as a Deputy Clerk in the Circuit Court. As the elected Circuit Court Clerk, Mrs. Miller is responsible for the overseeing the court’s administration; she does this with the assistance of the Deputy Clerks who serve in the courts under her supervision. The Courts encompassed under the supervision of the Circuit Court Clerk of Bradley County are:

Sessions- Civil and Criminal
Environmental Court
Felony Criminal Court
Juvenile- Civil and Criminal
Child Support
Scheduling Clerk

These courts are housed in several locations, and require that the Circuit Court Clerk to maintain offices in all of these locations:

Courthouse, located in downtown Cleveland:
Sessions Civil Court, Juvenile Civil Court, Environmental Court:  728-7268
Scheduling Clerk: 728-7217

Juvenile Justice Center, located on Johnson Blvd.:
Juvenile Criminal Court: 728-7253

Justice Center, located on Blythe Ave:
Sessions Criminal Court (misdemeanor): 728-7048
Felony Criminal Court: 728-7056

Requirements and Duties of the Court Clerk

Court clerks serve an important role in the operation of the court system in Tennessee. The Court Clerk serves as an official of the court, and assists in handling clerical matters of the court. Clerks must attend each session of court with all of the files listed on the docket. Because court clerks deal with voluminous paperwork, the storage and retention of documents are important considerations. The clerk also assist the Judge in the court room in maintaining the flow of the cases through court and into trial by keeping accurate records, and maintaining the court files. Clerks also help in matters concerning the Jury, including Jury selection, Jury seating, and Jury assistance during trial.  When a case is appealed from a court of record, the clerk compiles the record (papers) needed for the appeal. Clerks maintain the rule docket and an execution docket in which all court judgments or decrees are entered in order of rendition by the court and in which all receipts and disbursements in a case are entered. Clerks also maintain indexes for all books and dockets that are kept by the office. Clerks collect state and county litigation taxes, criminal injuries compensation tax, county expense fees, funds for the impaired driver's trust fund, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation fees, misdemeanant jail per diems, fines, sheriff's fees, clerk's fees, witness fees and other items of court costs. Clerks prepare bills of costs in cases, account for these monies and make collection efforts when these amounts are unpaid.

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