Scheduling Clerk

The scheduling clerk schedules any and all pending cases in the Circuit Court. In order to schedule a case, you must contact the scheduling clerk and give basic information pertaining to the case, such as docket number, presiding Judge or names of the parties involved. Once this information is given, the scheduling clerk gives dates and times for the particular Judge that needs to hear the case. The person setting the case for hearing, then picks a date and sets the case on the docket for hearing. Each Judge has one motion day per month and has several jury and non-jury dates per month

Also, if cases settle or need to be moved, the scheduling clerk should be notified in order to remove said case(s) from the docket. This should be done as soon as possible upon learning of the settlement or need to move the hearing.

Judges handled by Scheduling Clerk
J. Michael Sharp
Lawrence Puckett

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