Bradley County Commission

Louie Alford, Chairman


April 3, 2017 at 7pm

Bradley County Courthouse

1. Call to Order

2. Pledge to the Flag

3. Invocation - Winston Reid

4.      Roll Call

5.      Approval of Minutes

6.      Report from County Mayor

7.      Consent Agenda

8.      Committee and/or District reports

9. Unfinished Business

10.     Approval of Agenda

11.     Agenda

A.  Resolution 2017-15 authorizing the County Mayor to obtain an appraisal of 7.35 acres of property that adjoins Taylor School property, a portion of map and parcel 067 46.00, that has been offered for trade in exchange for the Primitive Settlement property - Commissioner Thompson

B.  Resolution 2017-16 authorizing the Bradley County Environmental Officer pursuant to resolutions 2013-21 and 2013-39 and court order in case number 2016-CR-4 to remove all debris located at 340 Woolen Street (map and parcel 058 A H 024.00) - Commissioner Thompson

C. Resolution 2017-17 authorizing County Mayor to enter into the attached conditional sale agreement with Larry Armour regarding the purchase of the property known as the former American Uniform property, map and parcel numbers 050 A O 004.0, 050 H A 001.0, and 050 A P 001.00, for an amount of $2,200,000.0 and directing the Mayor to obtain an updated appraisal of the subject property - Commissioner Blake

12.     Communication from the Audience

13.   Announcements

14.     Adjourn




Next meeting: Monday, April 10, 2017 at noon