Bradley County Juvenile Drug Court


2012 – 2013 Fiscal Year

·         249 Drug Screens were administered to Drug Court Probationers (through Drug Court or random drug screens at school).

·         Out of the 249 Drug Screens administered, 22 screens were positive for an illegal substance.

·         Approximately 425 hours of Community Service Work was completed by Drug Court participants.

·         The average time frame for completion of Drug Court is approximately one year.

·         The number of individuals requiring state level supervision from Drug Court for this fiscal year – Two.

·         The number of individuals requiring long term residential treatment from Drug Court for this fiscal year – Four.


The proudest number for Bradley County Juvenile Drug Court - out of 17 active participants, 12 have successfully completed all probationary guidelines/criteria and have graduated the drug court program. The remaining five probationers will graduate the drug court program during next fiscal year.

  2007-2008 Statistics of Note


·      182 Drug Screens were administered by the Drug Court. Thirty-five showed positive for a banned substance (19%) That is down 10% from last year (29%)


·      Thirty-one of the 35 positive screens were for marijuana


·      Eleven participants received either their high school diploma or GED.


·      Drug Court Participants completed 428 hours of community service.


·      The average Drug Court Graduate completes the program in 395 days.


·      The programs graduation rate stands at 69% with 60% being the goal in the grant.


·      The Drug Court’s retention rate currently sits at 73%.


·      The Office of Criminal Justice Programs recently audited the program and found no findings.


·      The recidivism rate of graduates currently stands at zero.


·      The statistic we are the most proud of: Nine participants have successfully completed the program.




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