Burn Permits

A Burn Permit is required for residents living in Bradley County from

October 15 - May 15

To obtain a burn permit call

Tennessee Department Of Agriculture Forestry Division

(423) 478-0337


Items Is Item Okay To Burn Proper Disposal Method
  Yes NO  
Tires & Others Rubber Products   X Counties are required by state law to provide a site for the collection and temporary storage of water tires. Contact the office of your county executive or local solid waste office to learn the location of the waste tire storage site in your county. 
Plastics   X Plastics should be recycled or can be reused.
Paper products, & cardboard   X Paper, especially newspaper is collected everywhere. It is also suitable for composing.
Paints & Chemicals   X Tennessee has a mobile hazardous household waste service that goes from county to county every Saturday from mid-March to mid-November. Farmers bringing pesticide waste to designate collections site for disposal will remain anonymous and will not have to pay a fee for collection or disposal. All Tennessee farmers are eligible to participate.
Aerosol and food cans   X Contact the local solid watse office or public landfill.
Mobile homes & buildings   X Contact the local solid watse office or public landfill.
Building materials   X Contact the local solid watse office or public landfill.
Copper & Electrical wires   X Metal recyclers accept wire.
Household Trash   X Use a public landfill. Take to local convenience center and/or use a paid collection service.
Leaves & trees not grown at burn site   X Compost yard trimmings or take to the public landfill. Check your local and/or other state ordinances for further restrictions on the open burning of leaves and trees.
Asphalt shingles & Oils   X Contact the local solid waste office or public landfill. Put your used oil in a clean plastic container with a tight lid. Take your used oil to a service station. Used oil collection centers will collect up to 5 gallons a day from do-it-yourselfers. Call the USED OIL HOTLINE at 1-800-287-9013 for more information.

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