Dept Mission

Bradley County Department Mission

The mission of the Bradley County GIS Department is as follows:

Plan, organize, administer and direct the activities of the Bradley County Geographic Information System department. Planning and organizing the priority of applications according to importance. Administer and direct all activities between the GIS department, actual GIS users and other government agencies.

Responsibilities include hardware and software acquisition, database management and network development. The GIS. director shall stay aware of new hardware and software that will benefit the GIS system as it becomes available on the market.

Responsible for training of Geographic Information System and Computer Aided drafting operators. The GIS. director shall receive any training that is required operating the system and also the training of all GIS. users.

Responsible for preparation of Geographic Information System budget and development of long term objectives to meet the future needs of Bradley County. The director shall prepare the GIS budget and then submit it to Bradley County Geographic Information System Board and the Bradley County Commission for approval. The director will keep the Bradley County Geographic Information System Board informed of the development of long term objectives.


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