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NEW BEHAVIORAL UNIT — Bradley County Mayor D. Gary Davis, center, cuts the ribbon during a recent ceremony dedicating the new Behavioral Unit at the Bradley County Juvenile Justice Center. At left is Juvenile Judge Daniel Swafford, with Bradley County Sheriff Tim Gobble on the right. Staff members and some Bradley County commissioners attended the ribbon-cutting. Banner photo, DONNA KAYLOR

Behavioral Unit dedicated

New facility will provide intervention

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Wednesday, Oct 07, 2009

The new Behavioral Unit has been opened at the Bradley County Juvenile Justice Center.

The new facility was created to act as a liaison between the community and the juvenile court system. It will provide families with intervention services to fill a void left by budget cuts.

Bradley County’s Juvenile Court System and Juvenile Judge Daniel Swafford have partnered with Bradley County schools and Cumberland Hall Outreach Services to provide this program.

Currently, the Behavioral Unit offers referrals to the following services: drug screening, a day-treatment center, Cumberland Hall services, and case management services. Referrals can be made at the Juvenile Center or through Campus Court, Family Court or Juvenile Court.

The day-treatment center provides local elementary schools with an outside resource to intervene where children are exhibiting behavioral problems and consistently disrupting the learning environment.

While at the center, the student is closely supervised in a very structured environment and follows a curriculum provided by the school system.

This service is housed at the Juvenile Justice Center but follows the schedule and code of conduct of the school system.

The Bradley County Behavioral Unit is committed to providing education and information to the youth and families of Bradley County. The objective is to empower families to responsibly care for the needs of children and their families.

Cumberland Hall is a free, confidential assessment offered on-site by trained mental health professionals who are sensitive to the specialized needs of families in crisis. These assessments serve to identify the individual strengths and unique needs of children, adolescents and their families.