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D. Gary Davis
County Mayor

Security. Password. Access. Continuity. These are just a few of the ideas and attributes that Bradley County professionals try to ensure each and every day. In an information rich society the balance between having a secure system of data storage and use, along with the availability to provide access to this same information from many needed points of service is a vital priority. This process is also combined with the assurance that this same information is not only backed up on a regular basis but also kept at both local and off site locations to further enhance the security of your data that is needed for Bradley County to provide services to our citizens.

Archives, Automobile, Assessor of Property, Building Inspector, Court Records, Adoptions, Marriage, Divorces, Business, Passports, Election Commission, Emergency Management, Emergency Medical, Fire, Rescue, GIS, Human Resources, Law Enforcement, Medical Examiner, Health Department, Misdemeanor Probation, Planning, Register of Deeds, Road Department, Stormwater, Trustee, Veteran’s Services, 911, Recycling, Schools, and many, many other departmental records either pass through the Bradley County network or a part of the information that resides locally, across the state or even the nation. While it is impossible to stop every threat, I am very proud of our success rate of protection and security of data. A multilayered approach has helped find, remove and protect against a monthly assault on average of over 100,000 attempts to send viruses and wreak havoc on just our systems alone.

I mention this to not invite an even greater level of attempted access, but to help remind us ALL that this is the world in which we now find ourselves in and to hopefully inspire you to take a more proactive approach toward your family’s information security. The day of the word "password” being used for a password are no longer acceptable. There are many new password applications and programs that help with not only originating complex, multi- letter, numeral and symbol passwords but also remembering them in a more secure location than a post it note or piece of paper in a wallet or purse. A wallet or purse may be stolen or misplaced and the best of intentions does not help when someone else has access to your data and information. My executive assistant, Lindsay Hathcock, and his family also recently helped add yet another layer of security by gifting me with a new wallet for a recent birthday that has enclosed RFID blocking material to help prevent a person from removing credit, debit and even now gift card information by the use of a remote device that allows theft of information without even having to approach a person’s wallet or purse.

Regularly update or change your passwords, monitor your credit reports and if possible invest in a service to both monitor and repair your credit if you were to be unfortunate enough to become a victim of identity theft or financial fraud. With multiple attempts made each year to steal another’s identity or financial information it is not any longer a question of if, but sadly when, you might become their next victim. Even more disturbing to me is the fact that the newest target of some of these thieves are literally the youngest in society. Children usually have excellent "credit” opportunities as they have little to no negative information linked to their social security numbers and there are very few who have parents who check their social security and credit profile on a regular basis so this gives thieves literally years to destroy their credit and financial future without even being noticed!

Thank you for taking the time to remain security conscious in each and every one of your financial interactions within Bradley County or while on the internet. This activity is one of the many places that just a little effort can bring great rewards for a more peaceful and prosperous financial future. If you or your family receive mail, phone calls, or emails that appear out of the ordinary please notify the local law enforcement offices as they are each excellent at investigating scams and similar crimes. Your efforts to protect yourself, your family, your community and our county help to ensure that Bradley County continues to be Tennessee at its best!


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