Certified Tax Rates

The State Board of Equalization and the Bradley County Assessor's Office have completed the calculations of the Certified Tax Rates as required by the Truth in Taxation laws.
These calculations are based on the previous years approved budget for each jurisdiction and the current Total Assessment of the jusridiction for Real and Personal Property. This also includes the estimated value of properties assessed by the Office of State Assessed Properties, and any Industrial Development Board agreements in effect.
These numbers are also adjusted for the new growth that would been added to the tax rolls during the year of 2016 by removing this value to reflect an equalized assessment. This is done to allow for the new growth to added in a similar fashion to any other year.
The calculated rates, are as follows:
Bradley County                                                               $ 1.7084
Fire Fringe 261                                                                $ 0.4067
Fire Fringe 810 (Volunteer)                                            $ 0.3908
City of Charleston                                                            $ 0.4916
City of Cleveland                                                             $ 1.6091

These amounts are the rates do not include any changes deemed necessary by the governing bodies of each jurisdiction.

The City of Cleveland voted to exceed the Certified Tax Rate. This rate is $2.06 per hundred dollars of Assessment. A public hearing on this rate was held on July 24, 2017 at the City of Cleveland Commission Hearing Chambers. Another hearing and vote was held on August 28, 2017, where this rate was finalized.


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