2017 Valuation Year And Appeals

Bradley County has completed the latest Four Year Reappraisal Cycle and updated all values to market value based on 2016 sales data. This was a major project developing all the rates and adjustments to about 48,000 pieces of property.

Notices were mailed starting April, 21. The final day for appeals to the Local Board of Equalization was Friday July 14, 2017. All Appeals from that date forward should be made to the State of Tennessee. A link to their site is located below.

As with any countywide revaluation, the tax rates will be adjusted per the Truth in Taxation Law or Certified Tax Rate calculation.

The Certified Tax Rates for the 2017 Revaluations are:

Bradley County:              $1.7084

Fire Fringe 261:               $0.4067

Fire Fringe 810:               $0.3908

City of Cleveland:            $1.6091

City of Charleston:           $0.4916      


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