Web Pro Instructions

Web Pro, by Patriot Properties is our new Web Access for Information on property valuation. These values will up dated quarterly.

The WEB Pro interface offers several ways of searching for information.

Putting too much information into the system sometimes will confuse it.   Remember LESS IS MORE.

By Name:

Enter the name Last Name first under NAME. This will beging to populate fairly quickly with the names of those that match as you enter letters.

Map and Parcel (Tax ID):

Enter the full Map information as you have it in one string. Leave a single space between the Map, Group, and Parcel portions of the ID. Examples of how they should be entered are as follows:

1" = 400' - 041 001.00 000

1" = 100' - 041M M 001.00 000

1" = 50' - 050CC C 001.00 000


Enter the Street beside the STREET NAME and the numerical by STREET NUM.

Other methods of searching are similar, and some options may change as fine tune the search engine to better fit our jurisdiction.
At any point in the search if you wish to look at the data for a parcel click on the Tax ID withthe Blue and underlined.
A link to the GIS has been added to the site. This will give the ability to look at the GIS maps, and identify properties of interest. If you wish to look at the Web Pro Data from this viewer, you can use the Account No. link and it will pull up the Web Pro Data directly. You can then switch between viewer as needed.
As this is a Beta version of the GIS Viewer there are more options to be added to this in the future.



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