Board of Equalization

A Property Owner has the right to appeal the value of their property to a Local Board of Equalization. This Board consists of Property Owners who reside in Bradley County.
They have the ability to determine values based criteria and testimony of the appealing land owner and the Assessor, independently of the Assessor. This is the first level of appeal in the appeals process set out for property owners.
The Assessor's Office is the point of contact for making a request to be heard by this body. Generally the Board of Equalization meets June 1st of each year for an organizational meeting and to set the dates they will be meeting to hear appeals for scheduling purposes.
The period of time for requesting an appointment with the Bradley County Board of Equalization for 2017 was June 2, 2017 through July 14, 2017. Decisions by the board will be rendered in the next 2 weeks, with parties being informed by mail.  
A disputed assessment must usually be appealed to the county board of equalization or it becomes final for that year.
Decisions of the county boards may be appealed to the State Board of Equalization, but must be filed by August 1 or within 45 days from the county board notice, whichever is later.
Any appeals requested after the County Board Hearings, for the 2017 tax year, must be through the State Board of Equalization.
For further information on Appeals to the State Board of Equalization:

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