New Assessment System for Bradley County

The Bradley County Assessor's Office has completed it's change to a new CAMA (Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal) System. The system used by Bradley County in years passed has been supplied by the State of Tennessee. The State is currently updating to a new system known as IMPACT. With the limitations placed on use of this system, the Bradley County Assessor's Office has decided to take this oppurtunity to move to an independent system supplied by a vendor, Patriot Properties, to be used in house, with more connectivity to other systems, most notably the ESRI product used by our in house GIS Department.

This move also brings more control of valuations to local staff, and the ability to be more responsive to local changes in the market moving into the future. Also further use of new technologies, both in appraisal calculations and in the abilty of staff to make updates in more consistant fashion, will benefit all taxpayers moving forward. By using the new technologies that are coming in the future, our office will be able to assorb future growth with less increase in staffing as time goes on. And accordingly also be able to create better, more accurate and fair valuations.

Our office is in the process of upgrading from the CAMA system that has served us well in the past 4 years to the latest version of the Patriot Properties, Assess Pro. Our revaluation for 2017 will be completed in the newest version. This will allow for better maintenance of our data and information to be kept in a much more current form.

The changes won't be noticeable to the outside as all the current information will continue to be kept on our Web Pro and Bradley County PSA sites as it has been during the past few years.

However, there is a learning curve as there is in any change, this is no different. Thank you in advance for your patience during this time of change for our office.


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