This matter having been heard in Juvenile Court on _____________ of _____________, ____. The Court determined that the best interest of the named Juvenile: __________________________ who resides in _____________ County, would be best served if made a ward of this Court and placed on County Probation under the supervision of Bradley County Juvenile Court.

1. PROBATIONER shall be a law-abiding citizen and obey reasonable and law-abiding rules of parent/ guardian.

2. PROBATIONER shall remain in school with satisfactory grades, without any unexcused absences or discipline referrals.

3. PROBATIONER shall get permission from Y.S.O. before quitting school, obtaining a GED or being employed.  If not in school, probationer must be working on GED.

4. PROBATIONER shall attend ALL scheduled meetings with Y.S.O.

5. PROBATIONER shall at all times have some form of I.D. on them. You must learn your Social Security Number ______-____-________.

6. PROBATIONER will not leave Bradley County without parental supervision.

7. PROBATIONER and family shall participate in family counseling if so directed by the Y.S.O. and authorize release of same as necessary.

8. PROBATIONER shall not associate (hang around) with any know person or persons on probation, parole, or any gang affiliated individual.

9. PROBATIONER shall submit to random drug/ alcohol test by their Y.S.O. either at school or the Juvenile Office.

10. PROBATIONER is ordered to complete _____________ hours of Community Service Work. in school _____________ out of school _____________

11. PROBATIONER must inform his/ her Y.S.O of any contact with law enforcement within 24 hours of the event.

12. PROBATIONER shall observe the curfew of: 12 years of age and under; Adult supervision: 13- 15 years of age; 8 PM weeknights 9 PM weekends: 16 years of age and older; 8 PM weeknights 10 PM weekends. 24 hours curfew _____________.

SCHOOL: ______________________ DOB: _____________ PHONE:_____________

Failure to comply with above conditions of County Probation could result in a Violation of Probation and/ or Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor on the Parent. I hereby and acknowledge receipt of the said rules of County Probation.

Parent/ Guardian                     Date           
Probationer                            Date
Youth Service Officer

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