Variance Applications

Requests for setback or lot size variances should be filed with the Board of Zoning Appeals.  A survey or a drawing to scale of the request is required along with the application.  This board may also hear an administrative review.  This type of appeal is filed if an individual feels that the Bradley County Building Inspector has wrongly interpreted or enforced the zoning.

Variances to the subdivision regulations will be heard by the Planning Commission.

All applicants should attend the meeting to present the request and answer any questions board members may have.

Rezoning & Conditional Use Applications


Applications for rezoning as well as applications for a “use permit on review” are due fifteen days before the scheduled monthly meeting.  Rezoning requests will go before the Planning Commission and then before the County Commission for the final decision.  A “use permit on review” request is only heard by the Planning Commission.

New Road Forms


If your subdivision will contain new roads, a form must be completed petitioning the county for acceptance of the road. 


If you would like to bond your road so that your plat may be recorded before all road construction is complete you may obtain a copy of the Road Bond Form.


Complaint Form


All zoning complainants should complete a zoning violation evaluation form.  This form is required to be submitted before a complaint can be investigated.  



Variance Forms

Board of Zoning Appeal Administrative Review
Board of Zoning Appeal Variance Request
Subdivision Variance Request

Rezoning & Conditional Use Forms

Use Permitted on Review

New Road Forms

Letter of Credit
Road Acceptance Request Form

Formal Complaint Forms

Complaint Form


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