In October 1990, the Bradley County Commission dedicated and consecrated land belonging to Bradley County, within Fort Hill Cemetery, for the free internment of honorably discharged Bradley County veterans and their spouses.  This was done in grateful tribute to those sons and daughters of Bradley County, native and adopted, who have served in the Armed Force of the United States. Burial is governed by the following standards:
  1. Honorably Discharged Veterans born in Bradley County , or who have resided in Bradley County, along with their lawful spouses who survive them, shall be eligible for internment or re-internment.
  2. All expenses of internment, inclusive of grave opening and closing, shall be at survivor's expense.
  3. Grave spaces shall be assigned at need, and may not be pre-assigned.
  4. Spouses may be interned only in a common grave with the veteran concerned.
  5. No memorials or tombstones may be erected within the burial ground, other than upright white marble markers of government issue, or meeting government specifications. Contact Bradley County Veterans Service Office to determine eligibility and ordering an inscribed headstone at VA expense.
Fort Hill Veterans Cemetery Floral Regulations

  1. Fresh flowers may be placed on graves at any time. Floral stands, wreaths, baskets, and other floral tributes which are part of the floral offering at the time of the interment will be left for one week. All floral items will be removed from graves as soon as the become withered, faded, or unsightly. Floral items and other types of decoration will not be secured to headstones or markers.
  2. Artificial flowers are permitted on graves only during the period of November 15 through March 15. From March 16 through November 14, artificial flowers will be removed from graves with exception of the holidays indicated in this regulation.
  3. In observance of Memorial Day, all flowers will be permitted from the Thursday before the last Monday in May to the first Friday in June.
  4. Plantings of any type will not be permitted on graves at any time. Potted plants will be permitted during the period 10 days before and 10 days after Easter Sunday and Memorial Day. Plantings other then those authorized will be removed and disposed of by city or county personnel.
  5. During the Christmas and Hanukah Holidays, wreaths or blankets are permitted on graves commencing December 1 and will be removed by January 20 each year.
  6. The placing of vigil lights or candles, boxes, breakable objects of any kind, cans, toys, metal designs, fences, ornaments, signs, cards, ads, chairs, settees, vases, glasses, cups, bottles, wood or iron cases, concrete urns, concrete planter boxes, benches, pictures or any other articles other then approved markers upon property will not be permitted. These and other objects determined to be a hazard will be removed and diposed of by authorized city or county personnel without notice.
  7. No Granite chips, marble chips, gravel, brick, stone, cement, or other kinds of artificial walks will be permitted on or around any lot or grave marker.

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