• SF-180 - To request military records, medals, or discharge documents. Records will be mailed.
  • 10-10 EZ - To request enrollment in the VA Health Care System.
  • 21-526 - Application to apply for compensation and/or pension benefits.
1 Compensation is a claim for official recognition of a medical condition that was treated while on active duty.  Compensation provides monetary monthly disability payments and free medical treatment for service-connected  conditions.

2. Pension is a program for war time veterans only, who are totally disabled, not related to military service, or are age 65 or older and have a below the poverty level annual family income. The Pension Program provides a monetary benefit that is the difference between the federally defined poverty limit and the eligible veteran's annual family income.

  • 21-534 - Surviving spouse or children of a deceased veteran may be entitled to receive benefits if the veteran's death occurred in service or when a veteran dies of a service-connected disability. This form may also be used to request a widows pension.  Like the Veterans pension, eligibility is based on income. 
  • 21-4138 - Statement in support of claim.
  • 26-1880 - Request for Home Loan Guaranty Entitlement.
  • 21-530 - All veterans with an honorable discharge are entitled to receive no cost internment in a National Veterans Cemetery. Mortuary charges will be paid by the veteran's family or friends.

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