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County Mayor, D. Gary Davis
Welcomes You To Bradley County, Tennessee

Bradley County Mission Statement
Bradley County is committed to providing a safe, clean and progressive community for its citizens through the development and implementation of effective programs which are managed with the highest degree of efficiency. Our focus is to maximize the quantity and quality of services and programs while minimizing the financial contribution of taxpayers.

Historical Perspective of 2013 and Resolutions for Progress in 2014

While it is always important and a constructive habit to look back and remember where you have been and to pay respects for the abilities and opportunities that we have been given. It is also just as important to have a personal and community plan and to work to encourage those around us to seek improvement and growth on a daily basis. With the rich history that Bradley County, Cleveland and Charleston have in common and the diverse economic development opportunities that are becoming available the future truly is something that our citizens just 50 years ago would have only dreamed about. The responsibility of encouraging  growth while preserving the "hometown feel” is a delicate balance that we are all involved with daily as we preserve, protect and promote our community each and every day!

Bradley County was incorporated in 1836. Our County lies between the Cumberland and the Great Smokey Mountains and we are approximately 26 miles northeast of Chattanooga and 89 miles south of Knoxville, TN. Our approximate land mass covers 210,406 acres or 328.76 square miles and as of 2013 our population was found to be approximately 101,146 amazing citizens.  Approximately 80% of our County’s land area is devoted to farming with income derived from dairy, beef, cotton, poultry, tobacco and various other fruits and vegetables.

Bradley County continues to exemplify Three Star Community standards and is a proven leader in preserving existing employment, fostering development while creating new employment opportunities, improving family income and creating a strong leadership base for economic development. We are also home to 4 industrial parks presently with approximately 148 industrial concerns with 12 of them being "Fortune 500” manufacturing companies. A few examples of this diversification would reveal household cooking equipment, water purification chemicals, distribution centers, alkaline batteries, hosiery, candy, cakes, dairy products, photo finishing, clothing manufacturing and polysilicon used for manufacturing solar cells as well as many others.

Tourism has been another area that has been a valuable resource for our economy. With our vast and rich Cherokee heritage and our close proximity to the mountains whitewater rafting, hiking, biking, camping and fishing enthusiasts have been eager to visit and enjoy the environment that some may take for granted as it is in a place we call home.  In 2013, Bradley County had the largest increase of Tourism dollars of any county in TN.

Transportation of many different varieties are also able to serve our County, Industry and Citizens. Interstate 75, U.S. Highways 11 & 64 along with TN State routes 60 & 74 provide a rich network to encourage over 100 motor freight carriers to import and export supplies and goods. Norfolk-Southern’s Crescent Corridor is a 2.5 billion rail infrastructure project spanning 11 states from Louisiana to New Jersey is located less than 30 miles from Cleveland. Barge traffic is also accessible less than 10 miles north of Cleveland located on the Hiwassee River providing manufacturing concerns with a direct access to a major barge traffic artery. And then we also have the addition of our Cleveland Regional Jetport located on Dry Valley Road with a 5,500 foot and 35 foot wide concrete runway complete with an 8,000 square foot building housing the terminal and additional commercial airline service being available approximately 15 miles away at Lovell field.

Two school systems in the County exist to not only educate our children but to also inspire them to greatness in a worldwide arena. The Bradley County School System operates 11 elementary schools, 2 middle schools and 2 high schools with an enrollment of about 12, 207 students. The Cleveland High Schools System operates 6 elementary schools, 1 middle school, 1 high school and 1 alternative school with an enrollment of about 4,700 students.

Cleveland State Community College is a comprehensive 2 year community college accredited by the Commissions on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and schools. It is also under Tennessee Board of Regents oversight and approved by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission that serves a student population of approximately 3,500.

Lee University also calls Bradley County and Cleveland, TN home. This private, comprehensive Christian College operated by the Church of God also is the 2nd largest of Tennessee’s 35 accredited private colleges and universities. About 4,400 students currently attend this fully accredited liberal arts institution while pursuing bachelor degrees in 49 majors in 80 programs of study and 15 master’s degree programs.

With all of this rich history, abundant resources and an eager, educated and productive workforce the future is indeed bright. The ability to capitalize on the future, while trying to help every citizen and their family, is one priority that I share with others in our County, Community, and Region.  We can and will see this future come to pass, with God’s help and our working together to continue to make Bradley County and the Cities of Cleveland and Charleston great places to live, work and raise a family! Bradley County is Tennessee at its best!


Bradley County is a Tennessee Three-Star Community meeting a high level of benchmarks established by the State Department of Economic Development. Our community's industrial and economic base is enhanced by an outstanding quality of life.

Located between Chattanooga and Knoxville on I-75, Bradley County is in the middle of one of nature's most beautiful playgrounds. Just 20 minutes away is the beautiful Ocoee River and the site of the Whitewater Venue in the 1996 Olympics. Visitors have come to know Bradley County as the gateway to the Cherokee National Forest and the Great Smoky Mountains.

The Hiwassee River is the first designated State Scenic River in Tennessee. The Hiwassee offers a wide variety of outdoor recreational opportunities such as canoeing, fishing, hiking and nature photography as well as skiing, boating and camping on some sections of the river.

Bradley County’s unique history includes the home of the Cherokee Nation who’s last Eastern Capitol is now known as Red Clay State Historical Park. It is an interpreted site certified by the National Trail of Tears Association and stands as a reminder of the spot where they were notified of their tragic journey ahead.

There are significant Civil War sites in Bradley County and two Gateway markers explain why President Abraham Lincoln placed a high priority upon capturing and controlling the railroad in the County Seat of Cleveland. This would enable union troops to control the supply lines to the looming battle in Chattanooga in November of 1863.

However, the 100,000 plus residents of Bradley County are not stuck in the past. We enjoy our history but look to the future with energy and anticipation. Our outstanding quality of life is enhanced by two institutions of higher learning and a thriving industrial community. The seasonal climate, major transportation advantages, diversified economy and traditional family values combine to make Bradley County the ideal place to live, work, raise a family and even retire.

Explore what we have to offer and you will find a warm, friendly community rich in history, yet characterized by progress. We are confident you will agree with our Chamber of Commerce which is fond of saying that Bradley County, Cleveland and Charleston are "in the middle of it all. Come see us!







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